Sunday, 29 May 2011

Omaha mention

One day I'll compile a list of Omaha mentions in song, film and other. My place of birth. Prompted today by hearing a snippet of Ginsberg on Cerys Matthews' BBC Radio 6 programme, so here's an exerpt on the banjo and Nebraska: the western Twang prophesied
thru banjo, when lone cowboy walked the railroad track
past an empty station toward the sun
sinking giant-bulbed orange down the box canyon -
Music strung over his back
and empty handed singing on this planet earth
I'm a lonely Dog, O Mother!
Come, Nebraska, sing & dance with me -
Come lovers of Lincoln and Omaha,
hear my soft voice at last

- Allen Ginsberg, from Wichita Vortex Surta


  1. I recently bought some Ginsberg but haven't had time to read it. Didn't know you were born in Omaha.

  2. I should read more of his poetry and this one was new to me and it shouldn't have been! His 'Deliberate Prose' presents a wise, incisive mind wholly relevant to today.