Sunday, 1 May 2011

Orleans - Before the Dance [1977]

West Coast Dance

I always have and always will be an addict of vocal 'west coast' harmony, epitomised by The Beach Boys, Crosby Stills Nash & Young, The Eagles - as classic choices with so many more - and tracing that lineage through to today, Fleet Foxes whose latest album Helplessness Blues I haven't reviewed as so many others have, most referencing the very artists I have named here.

One of those 'many more', though less well known bands, is Orleans. The album Before the Dance was a re-release of their first two - not that I knew this when I bought it back in '77 - and two songs Dance With Me and Let There Be Music perfect that west coast sound, and when I have compiled an actual list of favourites in the past, rather than just invoke my favourite 'favourites' phrase, Dance With Me has been Number 1.

Another great west coast song of theirs was the big hit Still The One, not on this album. Obviously, three songs can't stack up against the 'trip-off-the-tongue' towers you could name from the first three bands I mentioned, but within the overall and phenomenal west coast family tree, they blossom in perfect harmony.

Ahhhhhh [in four part.......]


  1. have you got a copy?
    I'd love to hear it

  2. Sorry, I don't post music on this site. Thanks for stopping by though.