Saturday, 19 May 2018

Atomic Rooster - On Air Live At The BBC And Other Transmissions, album review

Hello Sailors

I think this is a great live collection, Atomic Rooster a truly heavy prog-rock band, the Hammond organ of Vince Crane providing the dynamic, pulsing core around which the generally thundering riffs swirled and rose. There’s plenty of wah-wah too, and if heavy rock clich├ęs are your thing, this is it. I do like it best when Chris Farlowe was lead vocalist, his voluminous growl and power a greatest part of the completest power of the band, though classic numbers like Tomorrow Night, here from Live at Beat Club, 1971, sans Farlowe and one of the all-time far-out riffs, does still pack its memorable punch.

Chris Farlowe is his funny self [read here] introducing Stand by Me, Live at the BBC, 1972, with what seems an hilariously dated right on; out of sight; blow your mind, but then comically bathetic – if it can be after those hippie chestnuts – hello sailors!


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