Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Mudlow - Waiting For The Tide To Rise, album review

Waiting for Night's Burn

Referencing Gomez, who I have just seen, and Bob Log, who I saw years ago supporting I can’t remember who and wearing his space helmet and playing solo a guitar amped up to fuzz-crazy, the gutsy blues of Mudlow is new to me but familiarised by these review links and the similarities with which I concur.

As a retrospective of previous albums and EPs this is a good way to get to know, not that this kind of swamp blues needs knowing in the sense of discovering, but I do like, especially when the horns grumble along in unison, as in the opening track on this album, Down in the Snow.

The sun is out at the moment and apart from the fact I am going to go outside and sit in it, this music isn’t for playing now but rather later when it is dark and late and just a little grotty – all meant as empathetic praise of its dirty atmospherics. I think there is some pain to get into when listening, and I don’t mean sunburn.

Haven't gone outside yet - Stubb's Yard just started playing. 

Still here, listening to the acoustic Snowhill Farm...

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