Sunday, 27 May 2018

Deerhunter - Double Dream Of Spring

mirroring mirroring mirroring mirroring...

With just a few weeks to go to see John Etheridge playing a local jazz gig, I have been thinking much of Soft Machine and their album Third, the only one I know reasonably well – and I will never forget hearing for the first time back in the day – and I have of late reviewed work that uses the repetitions and loops of Terry Riley et al found in this SM album, so listening this morning to Deerhunter’s latest I was struck by the clear influences of all I have just mentioned on the album’s second track Dial’s Metal Patterns, with the piano repeats and the saxophones and other, these sounds and loops and backwards playing and so on occurring elsewhere in the album too. But this track at eleven minutes is most reflective of that Soft Machine sound and it has been a timely, most enjoyable mirroring. A stand-out.

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