Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Theo Alexander - Broken Access, album review

Minimalist Beauty

Looped and electronics and 'straight' piano music, merged and separated, classical and modern [to simplify the poles], certainly atmospheric and most often quite beautiful, hypnotic in its repetitions and shifting layers.

At eleven minutes, opener Palliative is just that, and it soothes across that expanse with what I have described. Hammer Frenzy reminds of Riley, probably obvious, and this is a gorgeous mantra. Matter of Balance has some drone and over-amped piano hits that resonate, but again this is done within a repeating and gently sweet melody. Fortuité is like a stream flowing over rounded stones, and closer Aspects Withdrawn plays on that empty large-room piano sound, a hint of off-key echoing, and a light static bedding beneath.

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