Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Camille - Les Sac Des Files

Camille En Marche Arrière

She's not the only one who can come out to play! These reviews in reverse track her la difference across four releases in as playful a way I can to match Camille's unconventional musical approaches. Short shrift form me by comparison, I accept.

So ironically, this debut album is her most conventional and, I suspect, preferred by many listeners for that. Largely acoustic, these songs are, naturally, beautifully sung - and with less vocal acrobatics and attendant voice-tumblers it is an immediate and rich aural experience. Essentially pop songs, for example fourth track La Demeure D'un Ciel, they play our prettily rather than playfully. Second Elle S'en Va is essentially stripped bare to guitar, and foregrounds her sweet singing. Sixth Les Ex is more jolly and quick and lyrically humorous [I suspect!] but still relatively straightforward, apart from vocal trumpets. Ninth Paris provides big band backing and is the most elaborate in this sense. If any listener was concerned that Camille is more clown than chanteuse this would be a good place to begin to confirm her utter class.

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