Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Record Collections

As someone who is, I think, within the normal parameters of being anal about his record collection - it is, obviously, alphabetised, and why would anyone ask if it is? - I did like this paragraph from the recent interview with Tom Waits in The Observer. Speaking of his wife Kathleen Brennan's record collection, Waits recalls:

Her record collection and her library were both impressive compared to mine. When I met her most of my records were kind of stuck together with cheese and hair and oil and stuff. She had hers not only still in the cases but still in the little paper sleeves too. That in itself was something of a revelation.

I love the incredulity that the records were still in the paper sleeves!


  1. I have a strange need to arrange my music randomly. Alphabetisation is a bit too merhodical for me. Weird, I know, but that's me!!!
    I must add, however, that there is no cheese or hair oil anywhere near it...

  2. I have responded with a post!