Tuesday, 1 November 2011

John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers - Spinning Coin [1995]

More Mayall

When I began this blog the idea was to celebrate the music I was listening to on a daily basis, sharing with others but also in a way logging my listening habits for self-reflection. I think I've kept to that though of late I find myself focusing on reviewing new releases that still form a key part of the listening experience. I have also expanded to sharing my poetry and that of others. Thanks to those who read and comment which enriches a process I will continue.

This is by way of commenting now on my actual current listening. I've had this John Mayall for some time, but haven't fully listened. It's excellent, a broad rockblues flavour rather than pure blues - with some Country seasoning, opening track When The Devil Starts Crying written by Jim Lauderdale -  but with the unmistakable Mayall vocal and star playing from all throughout [Buddy Whittington, recently reviewed, on guitar]. Nothing more needs to be said, apart from the realisation that there's still so much of his material for me yet to discover. And I love that.

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