Monday, 30 January 2012

In The Dark

Van Der Graaf Generator - Live at Weeley Festival 28th August, 1971

Came across this bootleg recording recently and it is a great capture of the energy and experimentation that was VDGG at the time and at a festival I have written before about attending, not that I recall as much as I would like, for example whether I saw this performance or not. But any excuse to mention this amazing festival again, and post some images of it that were placed in the cover design for this recording. I did see VDGG a few times, though again when and where is hazy, but once was at Felixstowe. Ultra-brilliant psychedelia and stagecraft.

There are very few recording of the Weeley Festival: there is mine which I really must transfer off its cassette onto some cleaned and preservable format; there is a little of King Crimson that I have from somewhere else, and there is a vinyl of the Pink Fairies' performance that I purchased some time ago which is virtually unlistenable - bastards didn't advertise that in the promotion.

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