Thursday, 5 January 2012

Genya Ravan – They Love Me They Love Me Not [1973]

Horn Band and More

Writing this blog is, at the very least, a musical education. I have recently purchased two reasonably rare and interesting vinyl lps on the back of listening to new-to-me cds of bands from the 60s/70s, and will be mentioning/reviewing these at a later date.

Having written about Genya Ravan and, in the process, listened to everything I have of hers – which is most – I discovered this unknown album and managed to get a download copy yesterday from for just over £7 [not an advertisement, but I do find them a good source, even if it is for used vinyl copies from other sellers advertising on their site]. It’s another great testament to her vocal brilliance. It is certainly more varied than work with Ten Wheel Drive, but then so is her other solo work.  

I’m not going to detail the songs this time around. Suffice to say there is ‘horn band’ stuff, ballads, a popish tune or two, a great tease in the 45 seconds of You Got The Blues [wow, that would have been a great, full track!], and all the time Ravan’s impeccable voice. For an excellent review of the album, check out


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