Saturday, 30 June 2012

CallmeKat - When Owls Are Out

Fits Like a Glove

Danish songstress Katrine Ottosen fits perfectly into the stylish musical glove inhabited by Leslie Feist and Joan Wasser - and if we add, just for fun, Katrine and Joan's respective monikers of CallmeKat and Joan As Police Woman, there's no room left for fey and affected other female vocals to infiltrate the fingers of fine singing.

[Oh get real: using just your surname - Feist - is hardly a moniker, and we're not talking about a six fingered mutant glove in this minor metaphor. Not yet.].

Ottosen collects and plays vintage keyboards which produce a noticeable nuance within her shared musical fitting, and this is added to here and there, sparingly, with electronic huffs and puffs and pulses to add atmosphere. Opener When Should We Go is a little too playful for me with its cowboy whistling, glockenspeil, and organ pumps, but the voice is immediately appealing. Indeed, the light electronic romps continue throughout the first five tracks, but as stated, their minimalism foregrounds the sensuous singing. To be fair, fifth track Bug In A Web starts to display the rich depth of the vocal more fully, but it's in the sixth Drawn Directly where a more jazz infused timing and tone dominates the groove, warbling keyboard/other effects providing an eerie backdrop.Tenth Sleepache is another slow and sultry song carried along by the stabs and struts of electric beats.

All twelve tracks, needless to say, form a delightful polydactylism fit for any musical mittens.

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