Friday, 29 June 2012

Pearl Jam Radio

As we were leaving the arena carpark after the recent Pearl Jam Manchester concert, the car cd/radio player knocked itself out. Dead. I had planned well in advance to play Ten very loud on the way home that night, but perhaps in some empathetic musical and cosmic connectivism, the radio had decided it would be a spiritual irreverence to follow such an uplifting live performance with the nadir of a mere recording.

Perhaps. That was ten long silent days ago, but this afternoon I repaired the cd/radio. It was a blown fuse for the joint cigarette lighter and radio circuit that had been shorted when a dodgy Sat Nav connection spaked a far more mundane reality behind the night's mute reposte. I knew that all along, but writing it here gives me the opportunity to post a pic of my ticket, recall the brilliance of that night, and let it be known I listened to a belated Ten today. Very loud.

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like a memorable gig - did you sing along to "Ten" today nice and loudly too(and was there air guitar!?!). I sincerely hope you did...