Monday, 30 December 2013

Oliver - Standing Stone [1974]


This is self-recorded by Oliver Chapman in Wales in early 1974 and using a variety of techniques to create unusual – especially when electric – effects on guitar and vocal. The playing is mainly blues, but there are touches of folk and Country, and as a genre, AcidFolk is probably the nearest in categorising what is refreshing experimentation, especially for a solo artist. Musical touchstones would embrace The Incredible String Band and Captain Beefheart. Heavier tracks that appeal particularly are Trance [great fuzz and other distortions]; Freezing Cold Like An Iceberg [blues slide and howling wind and distorted vocal]; Cat and the Rat [staccato distortions and Beefheart-esque vocal], and Telephone [pretty folk acoustic guitar beginning and then wah-wah with more vocal playfulness]. Truly distinctive and engaging.

Original private-press vinyl release of 250 copies; cd re-release in 1999

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