Friday, 20 December 2013

Someones Band [1970]

Requisite Rock

Formed as a band via responses to an ad in the Melody Make, and this sole eponymous album recorded in one night [a distinctive category of transient and existential bands of the time, it would seem], it is a blues rock solid with fine playing sustained across all 11 tracks. There are the vaguest of echoes of Skin Alley in the first two and other tracks, but you could probably cite any such rock bands of the time in hearing influence/similarities. Third Blues for Brother ‘E’ has echoes of Fleetwood Mac. Fourth I Wanna Go Where I Belong is one of the stronger psyche blues songs, and perhaps Canned Heat is in there somewhere; there is a requisite jazz tinge to seventh Give It To You; ninth A Story is quite a pretty ballad with the other requisite Country tinge, mainly in the vocal harmonies, and the further requisite drum/percussion solo gets a workout in tenth Manhunt. It seems churlish to state there are no outstanding tracks, but this is very much the norm of albums like this from the 70s, and it is the sum of its steady parts that endear and endure.

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