Thursday, 28 January 2016

DeWolff - Roux-Ga-Roux, album review


Dutch band DeWolff release their sixth album imminently, and you can listen to it streamed here. Described as a psychedelic southern rock outfit, what I like especially on a first listen are the accompanying female, soulful vocals in support of that retro-rock sound [though the guys are defiant that their analogue recording of this album isn't as some hipster-retro kinda reason but as homage to the perfection of the sound, though there may be a crossover nod to the past somewhere in that]. There are plenty of organ sounds and hectic guitar sounds and feedback sounds and backward recorded sounds across the mix and it all sounds pretty psychedelic southern rock. That organ and guitar get a great workout on the excellent Tired of Loving You. The soulful backing vocal gets a rousing workout in the love dimension of Love Dimension. Drumming gets a psychedelic workout on Toux-Da-Loux. Sound retro-good? It is.

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