Wednesday, 2 March 2016

J.D. Souther - Natural History (Expanded Edition), album review

Internal Singing

Recorded in 2011 - a stripped-back reworking of older songs - the 'expansion' in 2015 includes the addition of two tracks, the familiar How Long and Heartache Tonight, and this with the rest are the obvious attractions, Souther along with Jackson Browne as songwriters, and performers, helping to define the sound of the Eagles.

If you are a fan of all that is embraced by this sound and period, then you should like this album, though Souther has been determined in minimising the production of these, usually singular and/or limited instrumentation with just his vocal, still sweet as a high tenor, but naturally reflecting some of the fragility that comes with getting older. They have, if you will excuse the intentional paradox, the sound of polished demos. Tracks like Best of My Love, and those two additionals, are obviously sans harmonies, and it is an interesting experience when knowing the famous versions to be listening for these extra vocals but having to add them inside your expectant heads. I found my internal singing quite as gorgeous as the originals.

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