Sunday, 27 March 2016

Robin Trower - Where You Are Going To, album review


Hot on the feedback fuzzed heels of the ironically titled Something's About to Change - just one year - Trower's latest reaffirms that irony by delivering more of the smooth same, a little less in the sustained blues groove but grooved in that laid back lush languor that is a trademark of his guitar work. On vocal duties again as well, this soulful set soothes in its gentle melodies and playing, wah wah wrapped around musical well-being. The title track is a beautiful apparent lament on those who don't always ask about or perhaps understand the breadth and depth of a musical career, but I think there is more simple observation in the telling rather than any kind of regret, that musical pathos a brooding sound instead of reflection. Another distinctive album from a distinctive artist.

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