Friday, 4 March 2016

The Coral - Distance Inbetween, album review

Sound Migration

As if The Bryds have flown again with a flapping of heavier wings, The Coral’s latest album continues the band’s harmonious flight along waves of past sounds. At times, there is a fuzzed turbulence or gentle meanders along the well-travelled paths, but it is as melodious as always on this sweet psychedelic migration. 


  1. They've become an excellent band! The Radio 6 live session was outstanding and surprised me as I only know them from their 1st 2 albums which were intelligent and eclectic (and anyone who loves the group Love is alright in my book!). I saw Field Music at the Phoenix last night and they also blew me away - WELL worth a listen.

    1. I like Field Music and their latest - didn't realise they were playing! Might try and check out that R6 live session, thanks.