Monday, 3 July 2017

Hampshire & Foat - Galaxies Like Grains of Sand

Chilled and Relaxing

Chilled and relaxing. Yes, that's the title of the piece, but it also encapsulates. Pianist Greg Foat and multi-instrumentalist Warren Hamshire team up for a set of what sound to me like meditative/emotive film scores, or maybe TV drama soundtracks. I have read the songs described as 'cinematic' and so another listener concurs. They are peaceful and soothing: old-school in many ways.

Yes I do mean familiar. Comfortably so. Just listening to How the Night Can Fly, horn and strings painting a nightime vista with a car driving along a long road through the darkness. The protagonist I guess. A hero. Flawed. You know: it's an old car, but distinctive, and a balmy night, this music playing on the radio. Of course its the 60s/70s. Jazz, by the way.

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