Saturday, 8 July 2017

John Zorn - Midsummer Moons, with guitarists Gyan Riley & Julian Lage

Moon Mood Marking Music

If I listen to music at all when I am examining it can only be instrumental works. I have been playing quite a bit of classical, low in volume and in the background, and some gentler jazz.

This by John Zorn and performed brilliantly by Riley and Lage is some of the prettiest I have listened to more than once. It is relaxing. Not so relaxing I switch off, obviously.

I used to be able to listen to any music when marking, the heavier the better. I somehow managed then, and still do now but with the quieter range, to place it in another sphere that runs alongside my examining focus.

Midsummer Moons is a set of ten Shakespearean inspired songs that glisten in this duets' moonscape of acoustic brightness. Gorgeous playing throughout.

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