Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Astral Blue - Out Of The Astral Blue, album review

Historical Canopy

Here’s a refreshing new release in its freshening up of psyche echoes, leaning to the folkier tilt at the windmills of minds, sweet vocal harmonies with female voices carrying – as on second Speak to the Lady – some wah-wah in the guitar and naïve piano in what I mean as a lo-fi remove from the simply polished.

There’s folk guitar heading up third Astray that could be Pentangle until the drawl of the Texas vocal joins in, a geography I take from its Facebook postings where one of the most recent is a Portuguese review of this fine album. And back to that song: it pans out to a more raucous affair, little hints of Eric Burdon in the instrumentation, so a sound if variable lineage picked up by this hearing.

Astral Blue is Rex Pape - Guitar, Vocals; Oscar Favian - Bass, Vocals; Brittany Garza - Hammond, Rhodes, Vocals; Chris Nuñez - Drums, Percussion, and that’s about as much as I can find, except to add that Soft Earth is a wonderful psyche-rock-in-a-storm track where the Hammond provides a canopy of musical history. I like the instrumental jam on this too. And the segue into closer Moon Door.

Get it here.

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