Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Collette Savard - Collette Savard and the Savants, album review


What a fine set of songs with great lead vocal from Savard, close vocal harmonies, and mellowed as well as funky playing – The Hardest Part a perfect exemplification of this perfection. It Shines follows this, the seventh track, and it uses its familiar rock riff well to lead up and into a sweet harmonised chorus, Megan Worthy pumping out the keyboards.

In Over My Head sets the scene with that fulsome lead voice and a tight harmonising along the melodic line, crisp lead guitar from Tim Posgate. Copper Moon is one of those funkier numbers, Savard’s up-and-down vocal sustained within its warm tone, and more of those controlled harmonies from Rebecca Campbell and Megan Worthy. I’m Counting on You Heart is a slowed gem, some interesting vocal and other percussive inserts in mimicry. John Switzer provides the walking jaunt in his bass line for The Hardest Part, already mentioned, and Megan’s dad [have to acknowledge] Martin Worthy lays down here and throughout the unobtrusive but neat beats.

Free download of In Over My Head here

Photo: Noir Kitty

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