Thursday, 15 March 2018

Kim Wilde - Here Come the Aliens, album review

Good Pop

I don't generally listen to pop music or like, though being honest I often use the term 'pop sensibilities' when being positive about such leanings in artists I do like. I also pretty much gave the 80s a wide berth - rightly or wrongly in terms of being generally expansive in my musical appreciation - and I only really know, like many/most, Kim Wilde's biggest hit Kids in America.

But this album is very listenable, and quite enjoyable, and certainly very well produced. There are great touches throughout: guitar in Kandy Krush, electronic production in Stereo Shot, and the bass line in Yours 'Til the End, as well as the vocal harmonies [the song being Duran Duran-ish, apparently - I hear a Paul Young track in that bass work, but couldn't say which]. As for Birthday I could...but won't.

I suspect it is highly targeted at a market, and produced to maximum appeal. Well, why wouldn't you?

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