Monday, 1 July 2013

Deap Vally - Sistrionix

Deep Enough

The fuzzed/fog horn opening with C’mon everybody listen up of first track End of the World posits this duo’s oestrogenised Black Keys credentials, though I’ll probably get in trouble for that gender identification, though you’d be naive to think this female duo don’t play to this obvious strength.

Second Baby I Can Hell is more metal in its riff, and I like the verbing [see what I did there...] of Satan’s lair, just because they can. They don’t care. At least that’s the drift of the simple, pulsing sound. I’ll mention third Walk of Shame, but it isn’t really much different, though there is an echoed chorus on the main line. Fourth Gonna Make My Own Money plays its screeched lead as simply as possible, and the screeched vocal continues to tear it up. I think it’s good enough, but I’d want to see it live, having caught their one appearance on a recent Live....With Jools Holland [and the tiniest bit of their Glastonbury gig]. This is raw and raucous and meant to be flung at you like sweat splayed in your face standing there at the front of the stage, not through computer speakers - as loud as I have cranked them up. 


  1. We saw them at the Eden Sessions and they were by far the best of the day. Pretty bad ass.

    1. Well that's good to hear. I've listened to the album again and it grows, but I'm sure you got the best of them.