Monday, 15 July 2013

Indigenous - Vanishing Americans

Fuzzed Facial

This is a bluesy, hardrock’n’melody album with little that’s new but everything that’s fine and dandy in this genre. The band is led by Native American Mato Nanji whose raspy vocal and resonating guitar inform the sound. The tracks are riff-driven, if you’ll excuse the tautology, and the pace is blues-leisurely rather than metal-brisk, if you’ll excuse the compound formulae. That prime pace is underpinned by the occasional harmonising, as on Can’t Cry No More and my favourite Lonely Road, so you know this isn’t one to rock the party but rather relax you on the long drive home. Eight minute closer Moon is Rising, and second favourite, has some great blues guitar playing, so don’t for one moment think this is soporific stuff: you’ll be flinching your facial chops at every fuzzed inflection.

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