Sunday, 21 July 2013

Travis Tritt - The Calm After

Cherry-Picked Country Rock

Here I am in musical hog heaven, always a fan of Travis Tritt [saw him at the Jacksonville State Fair, oh years and years ago] and now enjoying his latest because his Country is steeped in Rock and swelled to Outlaw authenticity with his enthusiasm for keeping it raw and real – OK, there are the mushy ballads too, but that’s part of the bigger deal – and here we have him covering the Faces Stay With Me just to prove my point. That revelation may well have made the odd reader choke, but suck it up disbelievers. Listen to the Country blues of chugging Doesn’t The Good Outweigh The Bad and tell me the foot ain’t a-tappin’. Go on, don’t be embarrassed. Rub Off On Me is another honky-tonk rouser, Tritt’s gruff vocal at ease with its natural Country sass. The Storm powers in with organ whirls and a pounding trajectory – this song the title for the album originally planned for release in 2007, but owing to a failed company and consequent litigation, it now appears on the satirically named and finally released The Calm After.... Penultimate High Time For Gettin’ Down is a classic slice of Country Rock, with occasional fiddle, and the album closes on Somehow, Somewhere, Someway, a classy blues stomp with superb guitar licks – and solos - and more organ swirls.

I admit I’ve not featured the ballads, but they’re for another mood. For now I’m cherry-pickin’ the genuine rockers that define this genuine Country legend. 

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