Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Dirty Streets - Blades of Grass

No Moss

The rock revival rolls on, gathering no moss, and the iconic trio tradition provides both image and musical impetus for Memphis band Dirty Streets’ latest Blades of Grass. As I’ve said many times before about similar retro-rock [most recently regarding Indigenous] it’s not new, but it doesn’t need to be. This being the case there will always and inevitably be echoes, and here is it is like a further layer of retro/revival as this band, largely through the vocal of Justin Toland, sounds like The Black Crowes who themselves established the key rock resurgence back in 1989. There is some apt, and for this writer endearing political/social comment about the dangers of living in a world of 'underpaid teachers' in second track Talk; there’s a riffwiff of The Faces in third track No Need To Rest, and penultimate track Twice is a calm psychedelic number [we know this with the sound of a sitar] where Toland on guitar provides a meandering lysergic solo. And as I’ve also said before: far out.

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