Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Jane Siberry - Ulysses' Purse

Deep Purse

An album I heard about via Facebook, with reference to a link for a free download here, still working as I write but with a full release on the 26th February it won't presumably last much longer, this is at its best quite complex solo-singer material from Canadian chanteuse Siberry, possessing at 60 a very pure and youthful vocal. Some of the material can be a little sweet [saccharine really, as with the violin swelled Geranium] but opener Hide Not Your Light has greater depths with complex vocal over-dubs and horn additions that build and burst throughout the song. Second Dark Tent is more apparently brooding, as the title suggests, yet its atmospheric synth backdrop with developing orchestrations provide an ultimately peaceful, soothing platform for the emerging narrative - beautifully sung and at times nearly spoken - that harbours drama: the siren sounds intimating this. A powerful song. Third Walk on Water is genuinely lovely - great songwriting, harmony and other vocal developments, pedal steel, and those horns again. It is overall a sophisticated sound with superb vocal from Siberry.

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