Friday, 12 February 2016

Universe - Universe [1971], album review

Hippy Fairy Tale

I mainly like the story of this band and their only album - though the music is fine: chugging riffs a la Sabbath, some Tull, some Jansch in the acoustic numbers like Cocaine -  when on a brief tour in Norway, broke down in their van outside the house of a guy who gave them accommodation [it's just what everyone did in those days: I used to tell people who gave me lifts where my cottage was and that I never locked the door. Peace and love].  Turns out he was a small record company owner, and as a thanks to him the band recorded this album in his studio. There's blues and harmonica too, as with Rollin'; Spanish Feeling has some heavy guitar work; The Annexe is more of the riff rock of the time, with requisite organ joining the thumps, and it closes [original vinyl release] on a Monty Python-esque whimsy.  The end.

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