Friday, 26 February 2016

Peter Gregson - Touch, album review

More Tranquility this Morning

This album compares interestingly with Escapism reviewed previously – not in terms of better/worse at all – but as cello pieces too. The opening track Found seems sparser, but that is a cello-based setter, and on songs afterwards the analogue synthesiser provides atmospheric templates over which piano and cello and some string orchestrations build their moods. Like that previous album, these are melodic vignettes, though at 5 to 6 minutes long each they are [again comparatively] expansive at double the average length. This does allow more time to construct and establish that mood, as with third Cycle, where the simple piano run is overlaid with the rising orchestral sounds. Fourth Chorale is similarly a blossoming sound, as delicate as that word is meant to suggest. Touch, at ten minutes long, is the encapsulation of the album's tranquil commitment, though some of the string interjections at six minutes in do seek to arouse.

Taking both of these albums together, in actual listening terms, this has been the most peaceful of mornings.

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