Monday, 10 April 2017

Henrik Freischlader - Blues For Gary, album review

Poignant Notes

It takes a great player to take on such a tribute to Gary Moore, and Frieschlader achieves this with the virtuoso and feel of such a guitarist - just check out the beautiful Blues for Narada at 12 minutes of sublime touch and emotion.

The album's first 4 tracks are instrumental memorials, and after this guest vocalists join in the performances - all fine, and some better than this, for example Mike Anderson on the blues of Jumping at Shadows, but it is always the guitar work that impresses and pleases most. One of the more emotive offerings is an orchestral performance of Johnny Boy with the Royal Street Orchestra & Harrisen Larner-Main.

The album finishes perfectly on the classic Parisienne Walkways, Learner-Main on vocal again, Freischlader feeding back wonderfully into memories - and holding poignantly on that note until the acoustic and orchestral out of the song.


  1. HF is one of my favorite contemporary blues rock artists. I am liking forward to hearing this.
    I don't know if you reviewed any of his other solo albums ? A standout is Recorded By Martin Meinschafer in my opinion

    1. 'Reviewed' previous, though really, and simply, a recommendation. Always good though. Just type his name in search bar, but it is brief!

  2. I see using mobile version doesn't have search bar.See you made a comment on Openess a very fine album maybe my second favorite of his.