Tuesday, 4 April 2017

José Feliciano - Feliciano!, album review

Never Better Covered

Is this the greatest covers album, ever? Released in 1968 on the back of the great version of a superb song, The Doors’ Light My Fire, I would say it is. This didn’t make my Top Fifty, but it could/should have. The album also made a star of Feliciano, and he never made a better album, but this did for his career.

California Dreamin'
Light My Fire
Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying
In My Life
And I Love Her
Nena Na Na
(There's) Always Something To Remind Me
Just A Little Bit Of Rain
Here, There And Everywhere
The Last Thing On My Mind
    The virtuoso guitar playing is a major factor, but it is probably the vocal and acoustic/orchestral arrangements that carry this, the Puerto Rican lilt/language adding the exotic. And, naturally, the songs themselves and their clever selection, tapping into current hits as well as the known of Lennon/McCartney. It would be hard for someone of Feliciano’s talent to have made a pig’s ear of such an innate excellence.

    Stand-outs are LMF and a beautiful cover of California Dreamin’. Another surprise gem – in as much as The Beatles’ songs are inevitably popular – is the Marsden Don’t Let the Sun Catch You Crying. Plaintive perfection.

    One of my first albums.

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