Sunday, 30 April 2017

Lisa Knapp - Till April Is Dead A Garland Of May, album review

New Sweet Scented Reality

It is a shame Lisa Knapp was unable to reinterpret or realign or reinvent Theresa May as an actual caring and honest human being in the same way she has taken these traditional folk songs about the season of May and recast them into modern and invigorated alternatives.

Still, I guess Theresa May reinvents herself daily in the way telling complete lies become the new actuality, these alternative realities her way of usurping the tradition of sticking to pledges and truth with a new politics of corrupted democracy.

In this polarisation of creative joy against destructive cynicism, I take refuse in the bright hope Knapp brings in the former to a world otherwise withering to the touch of Theresa May and string-puller Lynton Crosby.

Knapp’s album is sweetly scented musical honesty, and I like it for that.

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