Thursday, 25 August 2011

Moreland and Arbuckle - Blistering Blues and Beautification

If you like your blues foot-stompin', thigh-slappin', hand-bangin', head-slammin' and any other bodily-movement contraction, then Moreland & Arbuckle are the duo for you. But they also play subtle arrangements and expand to country and folk. The more raucous side reminds of The Black Keys, and Seasick Steve at his rudimentary best, but Moreland & Arbuckle's range perhaps sets them apart and I mention this now in anticipation of their imminent October release of latest album Just a Dream.

Their two superb precursors are worth a listen:

2008 album 1861

and 2010 album Flood

Guitarist Aaron 'Chainsaw' Moreland and vocalist/harpist Dustin Arbuckle joined up in 2002 in Kansas and have been ably supported by drummer Brad Horner, though I believe he has just left the duo after recording their latest album.


  1. sounds like i might actually like this! can you hook me up, please and thank you x