Saturday, 20 August 2011

Lindi Ortega - Little Red Boots

These Boots Are Made For Country

This is a stone solid debut album from Canadian Country chanteuse Ortega, hitting all the requisite bases from lovelorncountry [So Sad] to folkcountry [Dying Of Another Broken Heart] to rockabilly [Little Lies] to rootscountry [the witty I'm No Elvis Presley] to popcountry [Fall Down Or Fly] and to rock'n'bluescountry [sultry title track Little Red Boots].

There is a strong echo of Dolly Parton in the singing throughout - good example Blue Bird - but this is no bad thing and it is varied enough to be more than mere copy. Her own voice certainly flies true and solid on Black Fly which ends the album. A genuine talent now and for the future.


  1. Did I ever tell you about the time I went to Colorado and tried on a pair of boots exactly like that? I was persuaded into it by the owner of the shop who made me walk up and down, up and down while he smiled and watched. I was young and innocent then and still years away from learning about foot fetishists.

  2. Thanks for walking by Nicky W. I think the owner was naive and didn't realise who he was messin' with.

  3. Might try this one- oh and love the boots too. Racy lady! Unsurprisingly I have a similar pair. Winder if they will inspire me musically?!