Friday, 19 August 2011

The Hunt is Over

Brute Heart - Lonely Hunter

For those of us with It's A Beautiful Day, Curved Air and Flock rock violin withdrawal symptoms, here's a Minneapolis trio who have resurrected the instrument with effective skill and psychedelic proclivities.

Lonely Heart is their sophomore album and it is a wall-to-wall painting of the most sumptious music, not a brutal note within hearing distance, and the amped viola[Jackie Beckey] laying its sweep of fuzzed/echoed sound throughout with the occasional finger-plucked melodic lines. There is an Indian/Asian tinge at times [e.g. Evil Eye] that adds to the overall psychedelia.

Great vocals from Crystal Myslajek, Crystal Brinkman and Jackie Beckey, harmonising or rising in howled or angelic swirls above the melodic lines, and with quite complex overlapping patterns and chants. Highly recommended.

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