Friday, 19 August 2011

Literary Humour

After Frost
-by Robert Creeley

He comes here
by whatever way he can,
not too late,
not too soon.

He sits, waiting.
He doesn’t know
why he should
have such a patience.

He sits at a table
on a chair.
He is comfortable
sitting there.

No one else
in this room,
no others, no expectations,
no sounds.

Had he walked
another way,
would he be here,
like they say.

This poem can be found in the 'Black Mountain Poets' section from the excellent and massive Poetry Foundation site I have placed in my Blog List. I like this because I enjoy Frost and enjoyed teaching him to my students - not an experience universally shared, sadly - and because I enjoyed teasing them with alternative and/or lack of meanings for The Road Not Taken, which probably explains why my enthusiasm for Frost wasn't universally shared, or not. Of course, Creeley was one of the greats too, indulging in light witticism here.

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