Thursday, 25 August 2011

Easy Over

if I had to flip hash browns
it’d be best in a diner
      better still in a late
60s diner

chrome counter like a mirror
and the guy with a beard
             reading his poems
       lips moving inside his head

is reflected like he’s
                           talking in water

crack of an egg
the yoke moving slowly along the page

            i’m in some city of love
cooking to the beat
hear it in the music
      the protests
      the hopes
      the chanting
      the gunfire
      the trips
      the harmonies
      the mantra
      the napalm
      the wow-wow
      the recitals

listen to the beat
the page is turning
     there waving through the water
and the man with the beard
gets up to leave

and i am ready to flip
easy over


  1. Love it. It's hopeful and evocative. I have always wanted go to one of those diners but definitely in their heyday. As time machines don't exist, I'm kinda glad I can rely on poetry!