Sunday, 7 August 2011

Shelby Lynne - Identity Crisis

Identification Crisis

I am still marking scripts, but coming to the end of my examining for 2011. It's been a long haul - from the middle of May to now.

Students in the final centre I am currently marking - and have been for most of the day - have been taught about and like to use the term juxtaposition. Characters and ideas and themes and language have all been juxtaposed in one way or another. Students usually handle this quite well and make sense of what has been, frankly, a little imposed on them. A few, however, tend to merely identify this term and that is a skill lacking the umph they need to make good progress. They need to explain and perhaps explore what is being juxtaposed.

So I have been listening to a range of music, as usual, as I have been marking. I have just finished listening to Shelby Lynne's Identify Crisis. In this fine album Lynne juxtaposes a rich range of musical moods from stonking to subtle to sultry to sassy. That's alliteration. And that is identifying.

In this spirit of identifying features I am delighted to post another picture of Shelby Lynne on this blog.

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  1. Good to hear you're nearly finished! This album is one I'm definitely going to try. The 'juxtapose' references make me think quite affectionately of past students who have struggled with the concept but have given it a go anyway!