Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Poo Pipe

Today they put the poo pipe inside the wall,
jack-hammered a groove the length of its
fall and repositioned it into the cavity.
Then it was covered, the slit refilled with
wire and cement, and the plastic tube
concealed like a secret, as hidden inside
as the cast iron pipe at the bottom of the skip.

And now we must wait and see if the fall
of all our future flushings of pissing and shits
recall the remaining constant of gravity.
Although plastered, painted and covered with
its new look, behind will be the same lube
of human waste, and if bursting outside
we'll be falling into its dark slide and slip.


  1. apparently i'm not allowed to say this is shit...!

  2. Incendiary stuff. A triumph!

  3. Full of it! Playfully suggestive though, I hope.

    Thank you Gerald.

  4. I kinda like it- I love a bit of controversy! Is it literal AND metaphorical? ;-)

  5. Yes, real shit and fake shit but all about shit.