Saturday, 22 October 2011

Double Edged - 2. Shins

Speaking of shins, mine are whores
with enticing come-ons to any
accidental knock or scuff or outright
attack as long as new scabs and then
scarring can be added to the existing
mass destruction after the years of
blood and bruise – I mean, a stranger’s
look could rip the skin it’s so thin from
whatever is actually left of flesh on the
narrow bones, and I swear my shins
can’t last two weeks without going to war
which would also explain the axe
injury not that anyone could give a
reason no matter how hard they tried.


  1. and yet you somehow always manage to blame me...

  2. No, that's breaking 'things'.......

  3. Shin-whores! Ha ha. I love the metaphor-my arms and legs have the same strange tendencies. They entice table corners constantly, resulting in numerous rainbow bruises! I never seem to be bruise-free and for such a little delicate pixie (!?!) I'm very clumsy.