Friday, 28 October 2011

Scott Finch & Gypsy - Haze of Mother Nature

Hendrix Haunting

Not a Halloween haunting, this is a  musical visitation from the psychedelic underworld and a happy marriage between harmony vocal and Hendrixesque guitar in the Wisconsin power trio's faithful but also independent representation of Jimi's art.

Whilst this album does contain four Hendrix tracks - I Don't Live Today, Love or Confusion, If 6 was 9 and Little Wing - the other 15 are the band's own. The harmony vocal gets its main showing in opening track Flowers in the Jungle and that's when I knew I had discovered some gestures to my musical nirvana where pretty meets heavy, as well as in the cool slow blues of 8th track Can't Live Without It.

There are a number of instrumentals, with flashback sitar in 9th track Dragnet, and as effective as these are I do think some judicious editing would have made the whole album a tighter fit. That said, early Scott Finch guitar instrumental Gypsy Waltz is a knock-out number, though more Robin T than Jimi H.

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