Monday, 3 October 2011

Feist - Let It Die

Second Solo Start

The title track of this second solo album is a perfect example of Feist's pure vocal skill - though horns eventually serenade the song, it is driven by the strong solo voice over opening organ chords humming in the underground. First two openers Gatekeeper and Mushaboom provide Feist's playful preoccupations which will feature throughout her work. Fourth One Evening is a funky pop gem. Fifth Leisure Suite is another 'clever' song in its vocal and instrumental arrangements. Sixth L'amour ne dure pas toujours is again playful in its accordion and vibes beat/rhythms, and just slightly sexy because it's French, obviously. I'm easily influenced here. Seventh Lonely Lonely pares it right down to acoustic guitar and vocal dueting lines leading into a jazzy and atmospheric middle rise, before closing out on signature clapping. Ninth is a sweet cover of fellow Canadian Ron Sexsmith's excellent Secret Heart, popped up a little with plucky strings and cheeky background synth. Tenth is another great cover, this time of the Bee Gees' Inside and Out - an upbeat penultimate slice of popfunk and fun. The album closes on Now At Last, a piano-tinkled jazz ballad, the vocal light and endearing. It's just brilliant to go back and re-discover these significant solo starts.

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