Thursday, 13 October 2011

Buddy Whittington - Six String Svengali

Six String Satirist

Here's a Texas blues album in full Svengali control of our aural senses, but not through any evil intentions. The persuasive power comes from the guitar excellence of 15 year John Mayall's Bluesbreakers' axeman Buddy Whittington as well as his lyrical wit, for example the guitarist's tale from Deadwood and Wire:

So I sold that ol’ Jackson on Ebay
headed for the git-tar store
fightin’ a foolish fixation for a Fullerton Fender
fashioned in fifty-four.
Now the guy behind the counter was distant
he just kinda stood there lookin’ bored,
thinkin’  ‘A mere mortal like this, he ain’t on MY client list,
I got stuff this clown could NEVER afford!’

The album exudes ballsy blues playing and is often complimented by the humour and satire of Wittington's playful lyrics, with the guitar theme to the fore as above and in the Country tinged 7th track Six String Romance. Instrumental For Crystal Beach showcases wonderful guitar playing finesse, whilst closer While We're Here ends the album on a thoughtful ballad reflecting on life lived and making the most of what remains. It would be merely sentimental had it not been written in the context of so many other cleverly composed narratives.

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