Saturday, 22 October 2011

More Metals' Melodies

Good to see more of Feist in tonight's extended Later......with Jools Holland, and an excuse to praise her again as well as post another picture. Her performance of Bittersweet Melodies off latest album Metals was, as ever as a live act, terrific, and it confirms that the brilliance of her songwriting is shone in its brightest light when delivered live, right down to the theatre of her backing singers' presentation of dress code and coy looks at one another [female trio group Man Mountain]. There's an abundance of cleverness here that begins with the song composition, is perfected in the performance, and embellished with an astute perception of how stagecraft giftwraps the package. Stunning.


  1. I have still to watch the whole show but caught Bon Iver and Feist's closing performance. She is fantastic! Going to buy Metals this week as well as some Bon Iver.

  2. She was brilliant - great show