Monday, 10 October 2011

One And Only

John Martyn - Live in Bologne Italy, 18th May, 1977

I'm never far away from listening to John Martyn. He is my one definitive musical touchstone. I'm listening to a bootleg copy of this excellent concert, broadcast at the time on FM radio and easy to find and download. There's all the excellent guitar work, the singing of brilliant songs, and the gruff hilarious banter.

I'm posting this because I have just listened to the most beautiful performance of One World. Sublime. And as I write John is performing a stonking echoplexed Outside In with stunning vocal. This is glorious. Spencer the Rover is next....

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  1. Sounds like heaven! BBC4 are re-running some Martyn stuff later this week so I shall indulge even though I've already seen it!
    By the way that e-mail re-spam poems didn't come through so could you re-send? Have also asked on FB as technology is notoriously unreliable!