Monday, 27 April 2015

Nebraska 35: Omaha Steaks

Famous triple-trimmed [I know, seems anathema...] filet mignon
Not a Misspelling for Streak

Having posted yesterday on Omaha Streak I was immediately reminded [though had forgotten up until now for this running 'Nebraska' theme] the famous Omaha Steaks from the town of my birth. I will have eaten steak there as a young boy, though I don't know if this will have been named, and I have sent Omaha Steaks to my dad as birthday presents on and off over the years [via Amazon, who else....]. With the world's second largest cattle stockyard [I think still] it isn't surprising that beef is such an intrinsic part of the city.

Chateaubriand - a proper gluttony of meat which I have only had once [shared with a friend] in Manchester!

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