Saturday, 25 April 2015

Worth Their Weight In...... 'Revolver', 1966, Mono, PMC 7009, first pressing side 1 XEX 605 2, side 2 XEX 606 1?

What Goes Around....

I recently moved all of my vinyl to an upstairs room in order to make space for decorating, only for the weight to nearly bring the living room ceiling down, as evidenced by the serious crack. That will cost something to repair.

As I quickly moved the vinyl in the upstairs room to prevent even more damage below, I noticed records I forgot I had bought [mainly recently] or realised I hadn't played, which is quite common. Then I looked closely at one of two copies I have of The Beatles Revolver, and on checking, it does seem to be a genuine first pressing of the mono version. Perhaps selling would go some way to recovering the outlay on a new ceiling, though I can't see myself parting!

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  1. It must be so lovely constantly discovering music you forgot you had-a little like an unopened present after a birthday party. I still get that almost child-like thrill when I re-discover books I bought and then forgot I had. Magical...!