Sunday, 26 April 2015

The Beatles - Revolver, original album celebration


Listening to my Revolver original this morning: stunning, pops and cracks and all. What is it with vinyl? Depth of sound I think. Then there is the intangible: knowing this was recorded in 1966, and my disc hot off the press, so to speak.

Reading about its recording too, the new techniques employed in the studio, the influence of acid on Lennon and Harrison, the Eastern influence, the influence of McCartney from this album onwards. This isn’t myth-making, it is how it is/was. Such a perfect range of songs: still the pop influence of Got To Get You Into My Life, the beauty of Here, There and Everywhere, the spunk of Taxman, the experimentation of Tomorrow Never Knows [and this ‘wrong’ version is what makes this first pressing so rare, as it was withdrawn and another recording becoming the standard]. How truly far-out it must have been to have recorded and then listened back to this: the imagined trip tracking the real.

One of these sold last night on eBay for £132. That just isn't enough!


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